The #Storycrafter Collection: A Character Development Workbook

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22 topics, 132 questions, 1 purpose: to help you to understand your characters like you never have before…

Hey storycrafter. Do you struggle with:

— Getting your characters to open up and translating their vibrant selves from your mind on to the page?

— Creating standout, non-stereotypical characters, each with their own unique voices?

— Developing consistent, meaningful backstory, alongside compelling goals and fears to drive your characters forwards?

— Building realistic and dynamic relationships between your characters, from main to minor?

Well, struggle no more, my friend, for there exists a way to open the doors to your characters’ minds and let you understand them like you never have before: by those characters (through a spot of roleplay).

No more distancing yourself from your characters with third-person. In the #Storycrafter Collection, you’ll be adopting your characters’ personas, letting go of your inhibitions and writing as if you them—because, my dear storycrafter, over the course of 132 soul-searching questions, you are.

Ready to get to know your characters like never before? It all starts here.

This workbook includes:

— 24 roleplay questions for protagonists

— 24 roleplay questions for antagonists

— 30 roleplay questions for side characters

— 54 roleplay questions for any character of your choosing

— character fact files

— an invitation to the inspiration for the #Storycrafter Collection

Not sure if the workbook is right for you? Get a feel for the Collection with this preview of 4 sets of roleplay questions.

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The #Storycrafter Collection: A Character Development Workbook

0 ratings
I want this!